Afroman - Bak 2 School

Man my daddy told me "Boy wen i waz your age i had to walk 13 miles to school"
I said "Oh is that y u didnt graduate" (hahaha)(hell yea)

Talkin noise wit all my home boyz, Fiddin to go bak 2 school,
wit a mouth fulla beer and a nose fulla weed, you kno im fiddin to act a foo

Verse 1
Mamma Mamma, go to the university of smokin marajuana, alla my friends go to USC
so ima tag along and hit the bong wit them, walk in through the masses,
lookin 4 my classes, i cant concentrate on the teachers, surrounded by t*ts and asses.
Spent alota money on sum brand new clothes tryin impress these brand new hoes,
laugh every time i have sex wit a chick, baby dont kno im a ex convict,
walkn round the campus wit my fro on pick
every 20 seconds i be grabin my d*ck, fulla achohol at the footbal games,
doin more drugs then my nigg* Rick James, my GPA's dropin at a very fast rate,
it'll take a mirical 4 me to graduate, maybe i wont, maybe i will, stressed out
popin pills in ma COUPE DEVILLE.


Verse 2
How do I party and still pass, i hardley ever go to class, i got a golden eagle
on my stolen reel, if u bought it from me its illegal, cuz im Afroman the
educated crip on a rock cocaine scollership, cook that crack untill its done,
use that 4 me negroe college funds.
Broke minoritys sellin dope to them girls in sorieties, shes drikin 1 too many
40's, she took her clothes off now we havin orgies (*rooster* BUCKBUCKUPAKAAAAAA)
Baby i dont mean to act rude but u told be u woud never (*rooster*)fkafka black dude, Colt 45 musta got u in the mood to eat a fat d*ck like a (*rooster*)SIGGA sould food.


Hey fellas can i get jiggy wit it ya so check it out rite ya, hey home (*rooster*) BIGGABIGGA boy dont
stress, i got the answers to the (*rooster*) TIGGATIGGA test, my college
professa smoke alot (*rooster*)GERAgrass, she gunna make sure we (*rooster*) WUCKWUCKA pass, thats
how u pass triagnomitry, sell dope to yur teacher use nigg*nomitry, on the
microphone theres not a rapper bomb as me and on the police pressure nobody calm as me
ya know whats (*rooster*)FIGGAfked up, black people in college at so (*rooster*) STIGGA stuck up, so
self conciense and insequer, ya wanna speak black but ya really aint sure, look
at me, whatdya see ya, ya see the OG u ashamed to be, so fk u, u pretty lil
rich frat boy u can suck my d*ck just like that boy


I said "honey ya got sum sexy looks, ya need money to buy yur text books" get
it wet and i can it hard and we can slide yur vaginal credit card, computer
girl, c*m to my house and be my toutor girl, before we study can we smoke a lil
booda girl, raise yur shirt and lick the nipples on yu hootaz girl, open up yur
legs baby u da girl, stick out yur tounge and let me shoot it girl
you wuz playin wit my floppy and my hard drive, download it, down ya throat,
fkin explode it, tell ya predigest dad and ma to send their comments to
"suckmyd*ck.com" Afro's da bomb, blowin up like Vientnam
(*rooster*) BUC

Im the honely husla Afrom-muth*fkuin-M.A.N, give a mad shout out to all my
Gmosobbies up there in Palmbdale,Califrnia, or i like to call it Pimpdale,
Pimpafountra, and to all my fams way to there in Caldiysberg, Mississippi, or
should i call it Cadies-herb-, Missahippie, but im gunna combinded the 2 so im
gunna show the whole world to give a shout out to Palmbberg, Calisippi and
Paddisdale, Missafonny, lord have mercy thats that marajuna talkin (marajunana
And givin a mad shout out to all the paracites, like misquitos, or should i say
misquite-hos, hoverin round me like ya wanna suck me dry, but y'all cant have
no money and u know y, ill tell ya y, go suck Dr. Dre up, sucka d*ck untill ya
hicciup, !

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