Kanye West - Bring Me Down Featuring Brandy

I always knew that one day
They try to bring me down, way down, way down.
One day they try to bring me down. (x2)

(First Verse)
We going to mass to day
We hafta pray, besides what the Pastor say
I have to say, since Pac passed away
Most you rappers dont even deserve a track from me, You see
If you ever wanted to ever be anything
They'll always be somebody that'll shoot down any dream
They'll always be haters, that's the way it is
Hata mary hater girls and have hater kids
But They Gonna Have To take my life fore they take my drive
Cause when i was barely livin thats what kept me alive
Just THe Thought that maybe it could be better then we at it
this time make it out of this grind fore im outta my mind
And get some leeway on the he say she say
Ur girl don't like me how long has she been gay
Spanish Girls say you no habla Engles
And everybody wanna run to me for they singley
It's funny how these wack need my help
Wasn't around when i couldnt feed myself
Dawg if i was you i wouldn't feel myself
Dawg if i was you i'd kill myself
Made a mill myself
And im still myself
And i'ma look in the mirror if i need some help
Ya'll dont speak from the heart ya'll all frontin'
Everybody feel a way about K but at least ya'll feel somethin'

Why you come here, I bet it only it was forget to get ya
What kind of dream we found, see I'm often at your cross way
forgetting it was that heaven let ya. They tried to bring me down

Chorus - 5X

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