Afroman - Cali Swngin'

Afroman - Cali Swngin'


Nobody feels - like a "G" feels
when he post up his '64 on three wheels
Daddy ask me "what you wanna be when you grow up"
a low rider with some colt 45 in my cup

I was on my way to college and then saw
a Cadillac three wheelin' down Crenshaw
It was nineteen hundred and eighty three
I knew exactly what the fck I wanted to be
a low rider bass provider drop down like a spider
spy the hood rat and go straight inside her

But if she Buttless
b*tch can't ride in my Cutlass

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
runnin' them Red lights sideways
In the parks and streets - brothers keep dying
but I drop the back and let the sparks keep flyin'
My daddy wanted me to take the Dayton's off the Dodge
'Cause the baseheads keep breakin' in the garage

I keep saggin' in my 'Lac with my b*tt out, I strutt out
Look at my two front tires - you know I cut out
I took from the ghetto what I could take
But you can't take my P.O with the metal flake
I'm a knucklehead buzzin' off of alcohol
messing up a new car for no reason at all

Hit the switch Homeboy, Hit the swiotch
Stop acting like a little old biotch
Front and back Homeboy front and back
blaze the sac and pass back my yack
Three wheels Homeboy, Three Wheels
let me see your low rider "G" skills
One switch, Two switch, Three switch, Four
Oh my God, my batteries low.

Cali Swngin'
system Bangin'


Can't stop sportin' them allstars
can't stop driving them gangster cars
new cars just don't appeal to me
It's 2004 and I'm a still a "G"
Cops don't want brothers loiterin'
g*ngb*ngers drive by and start Slaughterin'
So they talk alot of smack and write a fat ticket
but I drive around the corner, come back and still kick it
Gotta sell wheatgerm and crack, so
I can have money just incase a break a axle
I turn my music up loud - to attrack a crowd
throw the hood out the window, make the homeboys proud
Keep my kahki's creased right, with my girl in my ride
I used to be local but now I'm Worldwide
afromanmusic.com blowin' up like vietnam

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Af-ro-man-make the cadillac coupe pancake
Lock it up, c*ck it up
Post on three's, twist on D's
Afro as you're ride her, Cadillac walk like a spider
smash out fast then dump her
Sparks straight flying from the bumper
Hit that switch don't be no buster
Hop in the coupe like a toad frog
Go swoop up your role dog
Cali Swngin' K.J
Go way back like heyday
six stray
six 'fo

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