Big Brovaz - Don't Matter

Let me know pretty baby
Is he doin' you right?
You might need somebody
new in your life
Somebody who is your type

Call me up, anytime
It could be the two
in the night
On hind sight
You can call whenever
you like

s**t, Moma, you're all
the freak I need
I'm gonna bringt the
alcohol and weed
Enough to cover every
night this week
The way I see, I don't
care about your man,

He don't need to know me
Besides he ain't right
Look, he treats you wrong
All I wanna do is help you
Get your freaking on

And we clicked right away
We wasn't speakin long
So kick your man to the curb
Where he belongs, uh,

But I love my man
It don't matter
it don't matter
He knows who I am
It don't matter
it don't matter
And we got big plans
It don't matter
It don't matter
I don't know why you
just don't understand
Cuz I can make you feel right
It don't matter

It don't matter
Hook you up real ice
It don't matter

It don't amtter
Make your fantasy real life
It don't matter

It don't matter
You know that sounds
real nice

It don't matter
Cuz my man he cares for me
And always there for me
Through thick and thin he'll
be, my heart, my friend the
love of my life

Yeah but is your
man loving you right?
Or do you need a thug
in your life cuz baby girl
Randy the type that'll twist
you right back cuz I
know you like that
Come up to your crib my
version of a night cap
Your man thinking that
it's all about doe, no!
It's all about the time we
spend and the love we show
If I was your man then
I'd make you understand
Need time i'm ma
cancel my plans
and start a new relationship
with me, stress free
You can find ecstasy next
to me Randy gives you
20% extra free and em!


Listen! you should respect
me for the fact that
I'm not like that
I like to have a good
time but I'm not slack
Ain't nobody gonna play
with emotions in fact
My night ain't gonna end
up with me on my back
So just move over and
leave me alone
No I'm not impressed by
your ice and your chrome
Talking bout whips,
well I got my own
Why you think I'm gonna
risk, breaking up my
happy home


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