Bobby Valentino - Gansta Queen

When she come and pick me up we just be crusing crusing
Riding down B-street with the music up loud
System in the back gun in her lap oh yea she get down like that
But from her head down to her toes shes a lady
Always got my back she neva shady shady
She standing on the grind i'm always on her mind
And shes on mine

She got that gansta love I can't get enough
When she pick me up she be swirvin
Rolling in a clean old school on 22's
Right there with the drop top you know how she do
She got that gansta love I can't get enough
When we hit the club she be spendin dubs show nuff
Just like one of my homies shes my one and only ghetto gansta queen
You know how she do

When we hit the club you know we popping bottles bottles
Standing next to me looking like a model model
We've done check everyones looking fresh but all the fellows are checking her out
Some of ya'll fellows stop acting like ya'll can't relate
Cause I been looking for a girl like her for so long
She don't be bugging me got her own money and thats the type a girl that you need

Chorus 2x

Now let me take the time just to tell you
I'm feeling everything about you
Coke bottle body loves to get naughty
Thats why you my shawty


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