Alicia Keys - Love It Or Leave It Alone

Love It Or Leave It Alone
ALICIA: come on! Ohoh ohoh ohohohoh
MOS DEF: yes yes yes
COMMON: freak freak youll
MOD DEF: put em hands in the air, youll! and just clap yo hands
COMMON: waddup Brooklyn!!!
MOS & COMMON: freak freak youll and you dont stop or to the beat youll
Mad love for the culture
Since the days of Addidas and hip hop posters
Now I host with Mos and just to boast to brag or bet about it
Cause I cant live without it
Seen her on the streets when I was like ten
Especiallys of a lagged and young black man
Do back spins in back yards coz we rap harder
People to likes us now we black stars
Gift from God
They said we must be crazy
Now they saying Common, Nasir and Jay Z
Leaders of tomorrow
Follow the steps of Africas rap in the ghettos making it spressed up
Yo we bring the light we do it tonight
Alicia Keys and Mos Def bring it right
We come down and bam! And rock who I am
Common Sense, yo! I rip the band, yo!
You gotta love it or leave it alone(X8)
Peep it out while I tell you like this
A fresh to the soil be sure you dont miss
Its the true for ya, true feature
I could go on for days about it screaming, Alicia!
Walking down the block with brother Common Sense
Call grand Common Sense
So what the heck so I
Show this fresh girl that you always sure
Before and then my heart should be adored and
Cant front
Another ignore its Aquarius love and highly secure
Daje Mahal
And really getting in and fantasize of my life for a one or two winners
And my man Common Sense just stopped and said
yo stop frontin and use your head!
yo stop frontin and use your head!
yo stop frontin and use your fking head

Welcome to jamrock
Camp where di thugs dem camp at
Two pounds a weed inna van back
It inna yuh hand bag
Yuh knapsack it inna yuh backpack
The smell a give yuh girlfriend contact
Some boy nuh notice
Dem only come around like tourist
On the beach wit' a few club sodas
Bedtime stories
Pose like they name Chuck Norris
Don't know da real hardc*re
Sandals a now back to
Di thugs dem weh do what they got do
And won't think twice to shot you
Don't make them spot you
Unless you carry guns a lot too
A pure tuff tings come at you
When New York man stop laugh and block off traffic
Den dem reel and pop off and dem start clap it
When di pin file dung and it a beat drop it
Police come inna jeep and dem can't stop it
Some seh dem a playboy or Playboy rabbit
Schwaznegger get drop like a bad habit
So nah bodda pose off if yuh don't have it
Rastafari stands alone
Welcome to Jamrock(X2)
Damian Marley: Jamaica, Jamaica
Alicia & Common: Chi Town, Chi Town
Alicia & ALL: New York, New York
Welcome to Jamrock

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