Bobby Valentino - Tell Me Remix Featuring Lil Wayne

Bobby Valentino

Lil wayne
We back son haha
hey yo tim drop the beat
Hey Slide over here and talk to the boy
Wat are u drinkin
Imma buy the bar
I was jus thinking of seein u tomorrow
Wakein up wit no panies no bra
I aint bein nasty im jus being fo reel
Lemme take off my belt and give u the whip appeal
Yea .. u hear bout wat I do in the streets but u gon love wat I do in the sheets..hah

Verse 1
Say baby what's your story
You got the goods its plain to see
The kind that a keep a brother on his knees
And I'm so curious
After the club hang out with me
Valentino is sure to please
For now let's have an apple martini
And get to know each other

Oh ma tell me
How did you get that in those jeans
The way you poppin it is killing me
Look over here come follow me
Tell me
How did you get that in those jeans
The way you dropping it is killing me
I'll meet you in the V.I.P

Verse 2
When you sizzling wanna lay you on the floor
I'm a bad boy just thought I'd let you know
These are the thoughts running through my mind
Cause I'm so curious yeah
Couple more shots and we out the door
Speed off in the coupe cause there's more in store
Can't wait till I pull in my driveway girl
Can tell by now I want you

You's a sexy thang
Boo what's your name
Cause you're the finest thang that's walked in the club
Your girls they don't compare
To you can't help but stare
At you. . . lets make a toast to the good life

Chorus 2x

Lil Wayne
I got you girl
Its ya baby baby

Fly for a baby
Eyes all hazy
Izod or maybe your the ape is bathing
Ride wit a gangsta
We high whether weather be precious like ya face
So heavenly im thanking GOD
Like I betta be u kno I'm very street
And if we get caught u can be my accessory
Access to the condo in Miami
Have breakfast on the flo
b*tt naked we tanning
But... im to dark to tan
Mama Pardon ya man
want a spark while I can
U kno now u got my eyes following the places u go
Im caught up in ur vibe tryin to kik it like judo
luda outta town I got the keys to the two door
and we aint gotta tell no one about the things u kno
u kno holla at a G tho im probably out wildin wit bobby valentino

You's a sexy thang
Boo what's your name
Cause your the finest thing that's walked in the club(yea)
Your girls they don't compare
To you...can't help but stare
At you...let's make a toast to the good life.


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