Aerosmith - Bolivian Ragamuf*in

Pack up your troubles in your old gym bag
You gotta dance to the tune of Bolivian Ragamuf*in
I'll take short brakes
Love her 'til the ice breaks

Stand on the seash*re lookin' at the city
See the street light look like a lady on the t*ty
In the wax museum everybody can see themselves
As others can see them but nobody wants to be the baby

Tough break - cabbage head
Try to get a salad made
Hold my pickle, hold the lettuce
Session waters don't upset us

Kid's span face looks so even like a needle
Never make third base like a toilet bowl cleaner
Like an squawk-eight fool with the dooner over double
If I have to do rock a roller up a jello

Statiol coverslag, smokin' bowl no feelin' high
Burn and people, try to let us
Hush I'm for hm, what I'm saying

See me kiss - can you prepance
Waitin' for - Gotta have a dance
Say me now - Say all I need is a chance
I ain't gonna do it...

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