Aretha Franklin - Pullin'

Carolyn Franklin Jimmy Radcliffe
Springtime Music Afghan Music Lucky Duck Music
(BMI) all rights reserved

Everyone Knew But Me
That Soon You Would Be Callin It Off And Gone,
Everyone Pitied Me, Had So Much Sympathy
They Didnt Think Id Be Strong,

Oh Im Pullin On
Im Movin On
Im Pullin On, Pullin On In

If I Admit To You
What You Lead Me To Believe It Baby
You Wouldnt Be Gone (No)
Turned Your Back On Me
Just As Cold As You Can Be (But)
I Aint Been Sittin Here All On My Own (Baby Cause)

Im Pullin On (Yeah)
Im Movin On (Oh Yes I Am)
Movin On
Im Pullin On
Im Movin On In

So Glad Im Free
I Found A Man For Me,
Let Me Tell You While Youre Movin On
Instead Of Beggin You
I Should Have Helped You Pack Your Bags
And Move Along (Oh Cause)

Im Pullin On
Im Movin On In (Oh)

Higher Movin, Pullin Harder
Pullin Higher, Pullin Harder
Pullin Higher, Movin - Harder
Pullin Higher, Movin Harder
Movin Higher, Pullin Harder
Yeah Pullin Harder Higher Harder Higher
Pullin Movin Pullin Harder
Pullin Higher Movin- Higher
Higher Higher Harder (yeah)
Go Ahead Higher Pullin Harder
Pullin Higher Movin Harder
Pullin Higher Movin (Yeah) Higher
Pullin Harder Harder Harder.

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