50 Cent - Cutmaster C S**t

New York City (New York City), you are now rackin' with 50 Cent (with 50 Cent)
Are you ready? (are you ready?) (*gun c*cks*) I said are you ready? (are you
See you with me nigg*? (with me nigg*) Drop that! (drop that)
Paid for a hooptie but I wanted a drop

Verse 1
G-UNIT! Somethin' new, somethin' new
I'm not that nigg*, in your video
I'm not a trick, I don't love the hoes
And know I be, on the low
But I miss my dough, and I twist my dro
I'm not that nigg*, that you think you know
I walk around with a big four four
You front on me, I'm gonna get at you dog
I be right at your crib, waitin' at your door
(What up girls)

Verse 2
Comin' up I ain't had much, I wanted a lot
I had paper for a hooptie, but I wanted a drop
So you know, I had to make somethin' out of nothin' (Yeah)
Like turn an empty spot, into a crack spot pumpin' (woo)
Also hard at 19, I bought a Benz I did
The older really wasn't feelin' the kid
Tried to find out where I lived, so they could run in my crib
But you can't hustle a hustler, I peeped in a sled
Back then yousta call me boo
In 6 months, I sold a million gold tops on got brew
Country came around, ease it and clappin' then
Country left, strange s**t started happenin'
Like C shot Ra for some ends, Ra shot Dro for some chins
Cory shot Drew, and we was friends
Money turns boys into men
The cycle never changes, s**t just starts again

Verse 3
Nah nigg*, ain't nothin' change nigg*
Yeah I've been gone for a minute, but I'm back
d*mn 50 good to see you back in the hood
You see my cherry red SL, nigg* I'm doin' good
Sometime I can't find the words to say how I feel
So I take a quote from Menace, "look at the wheels"
I'm addicted to stuntin', now that I'm holdin' somethin'
I got a trunk full of guns, from VA today
(oh yeah, let me hold somethin')
nigg* you high or somethin'
I don't play games, I'm about my money, nigg* buy somethin'
I got a few fifths, I got a few nines
Here nigg*, take one, catch it took, and bring me mine

Outro - 50 Cent talking
Yeah, don't ever say I don't do nothin' for you nigg*
You know, uh, don't say I don't look out for ya
Ya know what I mean, but make sure you nigg*, you go catch some jokes
And you come back, nigg* have 'em, and have my paper for that thang thang
You know what I'm sayin'? Say I don't want it back, nigg* don't try to use it
And don't get it back for me, nigg* and no s**t like that
In fact, I can see ya'll now
Run around sayin', 50 gettin' all this rap money, and he won't help us (haha)
Sit tight nigg* I'm comin'
You know, new s**t, all this s**t I put out on the mixtapes
Is for the mixtapes, I got a million, OH MY GOD!

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