50 Cent - Bump Dat Street Mix

Tony Yayo
New s**t
Tony Yayo, 50 Cent c'mon

HOOK: 50 Cent
Bump Dat
try to stunt on my click
Then when I get on that s**t
I bring it to 'em where they pump at
12 Gauge mashberg
No shell in the head
Before you put in work, you gotta pump that
You done hit a nigg* with it and you runnin to polices
Come and take my advice, nigg*, dump that
This is serious, these rap , I'm just havin fun with it
50 Cent, nigg*, Bump Dat

50 Cent
My son ask "Daddy why carry a gun, you ain't a cop"
Looked at him and said "Sometimes you gotta shoot or get shot"
Wanna go to show-and-tell and show the class my glock?
Show 'em the clip
Show 'em the beam
Show 'em how Daddy lean
In the convertible Jag
22 inch mags
For a high school drop out, s**t, that ain't bad
I'm not a blood or a crip, I'm doing my own thang
s**t, I done started my own gang
I don't do that funny dance
I don't throw gang signs
But I'm a gangsta to the core so I stay with the nine
You think all I do is rap, then you don't know me good
Have Smurf hangin out the sun roof to light up your hood, man
Carlito ain't never seen Blanco comin'
But if he did - you think he woulda started runnin'?
And I move with the Doublemint Twins and two macs
And leave you flat your back
Take that


Tony Yayo
I gotta half a mil deal with no diploma
Ice so blind it give your as* glaucoma
Its hard to live, but its easy to die
So I'm going through life lookin death in the eye
These rappers ain't gun slingers
They R&B singers
G-Unit, come thru with some guerilla
Minimum wage ain't gonna pay the rent
Cause the seats in the coupe got the Fendi print
And this s**t right here for the listeners pleasure
I'm still on the strip with the fifth in my leather
Its T-O-N-Y
Stay with a semi
Milk your crack spot - till the s**t be bone dry
You think you pump hard? nigg* I pump harder
My phone ring so much, I walk around with the charger
When the D's come around, I'ma sw*llow my crack
s**t the work out later, and hit 'em with that
If it's a direct sale
I'ma change the bill
Tryin to push the new Range cause they changed the grille
Look nigg* we icey thugs
We stay with them things so we stay with some Nike gloves


Tony Yayo
Just havin fun with this rap s**t, man
It never stops
My man 50 done put out, what, three albums on the street?
And y'all ain't even hear the new s**t
Just keep goin' and goin' and goin'
Motherfkin' Duracell Battery
It never stops
Word up

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